Support the operation of the LBC Gym with Centre Gives 5/12/2020 & 5/13/2020

Centre Gives starts at 9am TODAY! This is an opportunity for LBC to partner with the Centre Foundation to get grant funds for operation of the gym to serve the Centre County community. Please give online during this contest.

LBC will get a portion of the $300,000.00 stretch pool based upon the amount of donations we raise and the individual number of people who donate. The minimum donation is $10.00.

Every person who can donate will help us to win contests during this 36 hour period. The more people that make donations means more money from Centre Foundation for LBC gym operations. The more money that you donate the more money Centre Foundation will donate to us.

Go to…/190-liberty-baptist-church-of-bla… to donate starting at 9am today and ending at 9pm wednesday, May 13, 2020. GO!!!

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