Have you been searching for that place? A place where you feel “at home”? A place where you are greeted by the love of family? If you are searching, you can find a place to belong at Liberty Baptist Church.
Liberty Baptist Church is located in Blanchard, Pennsylvania and currently serves families from Blanchard, Beech Creek, Howard, Lamar, and Lock Haven just to name a few communities.
This church focuses on serving our communities as well as providing support, love, and friendship to our attendees and members. We seek to live out the Holy Bible and to take the church out into the community to share the love God has for you and your family.
We strive to serve the spiritual needs of the entire family at Liberty Baptist Church. We offer Sunday morning classes in nursery, pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, young adult; adult; and senior adult age groups.
Our church also has many fellowship and service programs including the Lady Crafters, Vine Group for young adults, American Baptist Women, American Baptist Men, Upward Sports Basketball and Cheerleading, and many others



KIDS CORNER – Valley Of Dry Bones

After many warnings from the Lord, the land of Israel was conquered
by the Babylonians. The Israelites were taken prisoner and removed from their homeland.
While in captivity, the people lost all hope in ever returning. The Lord gave the Prophet
Ezekiel a vision of a valley filled with dry bones. The Lord told Ezekiel to prophesy over the
dry bones, telling them that the Lord will bring life back into them. As Ezekiel spoke the
words the Lord gave him, a rattling sound filled the valle …


COVID-19 Economic Impact Information and Resources

Here is a website in case you need information on unemployment compensation, financial relief, career link services, financial assistance for small businesses, job seeking services for Clinton, Centre, Lycoming and the surrounding counties, etc. There is a lot of information on this site. Take time to look it over. Here it is- 


Kids Corner 03 22 2020

Kids Corner. So I promised some materials for children to use while they are at home. You can download material for ages 3-12 each week. This weeks download encourages children to rejoice in the Lord always! The link to download and print is





Liberty Baptist Church
100 Bald Eagle Street
PO Box 207
Blanchard, PA 16826-0207
(570) 962-2214
Calendar of Events

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Steps to use facility:
1.  Check calendar to see if date is available
2.  Read Building Use Rules below
3.  Print, complete, and return the Application and Hold Harmless Agreement with any required proof of insurance, PA child abuse
     clearances, and/or deposits required.
Return these items to the church office, deposit in the mailbox on the gym porch, or mail to the church PO Box 207, Blanchard, PA  16826 as soon as you can to guarantee your date and time.
Building Use Rules                                                           APPLICATION                                 Hold Harmless Agreement