How to Connect to Faithlife TV

This is how to connect to FAITHLIFE TV for the LBCBlanchard Worship and ministry services. Many ways to connect, pick the one that works for you.
An article to help you with ROKU or APPLE TV Connections


A Word From Pastor Chris

A devotion and reflection during this time of crisis.  The video is on the church Facebook page by following this link:


Church Officer Training

In partnership with our sister region, West Virginia Baptist Convention, registration is open for their annual training event.  The event is online this year — Monday, February 1, 2021; Tuesday February 2, 2021; and Thursday, February 4, 2021 via Zoom phone call or computer video.  The classes are about an hour and include sessions on Clerks, Deacons, Discipleship at Home, Intro to Physigal:  Reach and Engage; Treasurers and Financial Secretaries; Trustees; and more.  To register for FREE or for more information follow this link.