How to Connect to Faithlife TV

This is how to connect to FAITHLIFE TV for the LBCBlanchard Worship and ministry services. Many ways to connect, pick the one that works for you.
An article to help you with ROKU or APPLE TV Connections


A Word From Pastor Chris

A devotion and reflection during this time of crisis.  The video is on the church Facebook page by following this link:


Church Officer Training

In partnership with our sister region, West Virginia Baptist Convention, registration is open for their annual training event.  The event is online this year — Monday, February 1, 2021; Tuesday February 2, 2021; and Thursday, February 4, 2021 via Zoom phone call or computer video.  The classes are about an hour and include sessions on Clerks, Deacons, Discipleship at Home, Intro to Physigal:  Reach and Engage; Treasurers and Financial Secretaries; Trustees; and more.  To register for FREE or for more information follow this link.


Adult Education Students Recognition Month

February is the month for us to recognize and remember our college, vocational, and other adult students.  If you have one in your family that you would like the church to recognize please give their name, educational institution, and address to Carol Robison or Susan Butler.


Sunday School Lifegroups To Resume

Planning is underway to resume Sunday School classes for elementary, middle school/high school, and adults on Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021.  Please pray about this that God would make a way if it be His will.  Further if you are interested in being a teacher or assistance let one of the Christian Education Board members know.  Training will be scheduled in late February and March to prepare for opening day!


Nominations for Christian Education Board Being Accepted

The nominating committee is accepting nominations for three (3) positions of CE Board Member with terms expiring December 31, 2023.  Please nominate by writing the name on the sheet in foyer or calling church office by January 17, 2021.


Request a Pastor/Deacon Visit

If you need or desire a visit in your home by the Pastor and/or the Deacon Board please simply let us know by calling or emailing. The Pastor and Deacons are available to visit with the shut-ins or anyone who seeks to have time to talk privately.  The Pastor also attempts to have regular office hours during the week if you would rather visit at the church.  You may reach the Pastor at the church (570) 962-2214.


Year-End Gifts Make A Difference

As we finish out this year 2020, I am amazed and thankful for God’s faithfulness to our church. We have had to make several adjustments, but it looks like we will end up in the black financially for 2020. That is truly an act of God’s grace to us given the struggles and expenses we have faced.
I want to ask that you consider giving to help support the church programs for 2021. We have several initiatives that we hope to begin to reach out to the Centre and Clinton county communities. We will be opening back up with all the additional safety measures to allow community groups to use the gym and multipurpose room. Planning is in place to correct the equipment failures that have kept us from being more effective in online ministry. We also have a partnership with other organizations to sponsor internet for rural families and a “homework help” program for families dealing with distance learning.
We need your help.
I know most of you don’t give to Liberty for the tax deduction but this year every person who gives has the ability to benefit. One more reason to be obedient to whatever God is leading you to donate.
In March, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law to help individuals and businesses address the financial impact of COVID-19. This law includes new opportunities for charitable giving in 2020.
For donors who itemize their tax deductions, the CARES Act suspends the normal adjusted gross income (AGI) limitation for 2020 only and allows donors to give up to 100% of their AGI, up from 60%. Any contribution in excess of 100% AGI for 2020 can be carried forward for the next 5 tax years, subject to normal 60% AGI limitation.
In addition, for donors who use the standard deduction—the majority of taxpayers—the CARES Act offers a universal, “above the line” charitable deduction for up to $300 per individual ($600 for married couple) of cash contributions to charities beginning in 2020.
So if someone makes a cash donation to a qualifying charity before the end of 2020, they can get a deduction of up to $300 per individual or $600 per married couple. This will be easy to report when they fill out their Form 1040 in 2021, especially if they file electronically. The deduction lowers both adjusted gross income and taxable income – translating
into tax savings for those making donations to qualifying tax-exempt organizations.
The easiest way to give is to use our online giving system. If you use this system, you will be able to give by the deadline (12/31/2020) and receive your receipt immediately that you will need for your 2020 tax return.
Thank you for being a partner with LBC. Happy New Year!!


Christmas Eve Service 2020

Liberty Baptist Church will host an online and in-person candlelight Christmas Eve Service on December 24, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. 
Our service will include limited singing of carols, special music, message by Pastor Chris, Communion, and the lighting of candles.
Masks and social distance will be required for the in-person service. 
The service will be broadcast online on the church Facebook page, ; ;
or simply dialing 1-425-585-7517 from your telephone. 
Merry Christmas!!


A Different Kind of Christmas 2020

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice” (Philippians 4:4). These were Paul’s words from a prison cell to the church at Philippi. They are poignant and timely for us this Christmas season at Liberty Baptist. 2020 has brought more than its share of frustrations, challenges, and obstacles. Yet we still have reason to rejoice. 

Please don’t read that opening paragraph and consider it insensitive. I know that some of us reading this letter have suffered this year (loss of loved ones, loss of employment, loss of financial security). Most of us have experienced anxieties and isolation this year. All of us have faced the unique circumstances brought on by the pandemic, political division, and interpersonal struggles. Your Liberty family care deeply for you and have spent much time in prayer for you and over you this year. Yet we still have reason to rejoice. 

There are many things we miss this year. We miss a sense of normalcy in life and in church. We miss the regularity of our gatherings and the familiarity of our worship services.  But most of all, we miss each other. As your pastor, I miss seeing you on Sundays entering our sanctuary or walking through the hallways. I miss your greetings and your smiles. Yet we still have reason to rejoice. 

We can anticipate the hope around the corner—vaccines that work, the new life brought by springtime weather, a return to a familiar schedule. We can be grateful for unexpected blessings—time with family, slower pace of life, reminders of what is most important. We have reason to rejoice. 

According to Psalm 98 on which the carol “Joy to the World” is based, we have great reasons to rejoice.

  • We rejoice in God the Savior. If we have assurance of God’s forgiveness and eternal life, we can rejoice.
  • We rejoice in God the King. Because God reigns and has made us part of his kingdom, our hope rests on a more sure foundation than politicians and governments.
  • We rejoice in God the Judge. Christ will return one day in judgment and justice. That he has judged our sins already on the cross gives believers confidence and peace to face the uncertainties of tomorrow.

We have reason to rejoice that when our experience of church changed, the mission of the church did not.

It is our mission to lead our neighbors and the nations to follow Jesus.

Because of your faithfulness and generosity Liberty Baptist Church has been able to support mission partners financially. Our church and mission partners have spent 2020 feeding the hungry, caring for the hurting, ministering to the lonely, counseling the broken, and spreading the good news of Jesus to the lost. I want to thank you for your words of encouragement, support, generosity, and participation in church during 2020. We are blessed that so many of you are watching, commenting, and sharing our worship services each week. Thank you for being a reason to rejoice. 

Merry Christmas!

PC & Greta